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Datasets (GCP Bucket = koala-onesie-verona-2023/):

Be careful when opening these links, they will automatically download a bunch of massive data files…

Key Datasets: ⭑

Other Interesting Datasets:

Tools & Resources:

Key Stuff

Helpful commands:

  1. Zip a csv (compression):
      gzip -kv9 data.csv


    • k: keep original file
    • v9: use “best compression algorithm”
  2. Unzip a csv (decompression):
      gunzip -k data.csv.gz
  3. Create a new python virtual environment:
      python3 -m venv venv


    • python3 use this executable (in path) to do the following…
    • -m: make
    • venv a virtual environment
    • venv (could be any name), store the virtual environment in “this directory”

    The same command works too:

       python3 -m venv my_virtual_environment_name
  4. Activate a virtual environment:
      source venv/bin/activate

    Where venv/ is the directory of your virtual environment

  5. Install dependencies (from requirements.txt):
      pip install -r requirements.txt
  6. Store dependencies into a requirements.txt:
      pip freeze > requirements.txt

Helpful Images

Tanya Snyder's tweet about car deaths Tanya Snyder's tweet about car deaths
Comparing DB engines (we like DuckDB) Comparing DB engines